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re:live 09 photos + conference proceedings

jonCates and i created this photo-pool of the re:live conference:


tweets from the conference are tagged #relive09, #relive2009 or just #relive

the conference proceedings are available online: http://mediaarthistory.org/relive/ReLive09Proceedings.pdf

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guest lecture @ Bruce Jenkin’s “Preserve/Present Moving-Im Med”

guest lecturer at Bruce Jenkin’s “Preserve/Present Moving-Im Med” class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, talking about the histories of Ars Electronica and their archives

wed, dec 02, 2009

link to the class program: http://www.saic.edu/courses/Film_Video_New_Media_Preserve_Present_Moving-Im_Med_479.html

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the upgrade! chicago – wed, oct 21st 2009

on wednesday, oct 21st 2009, i will give a presentation about how ars electronica re/co-shaped the city of linz.

at the nightingale, chicago, 8pm, admission is free


the nightingale:
1084 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60642


ARS ELECTRONICA: re:shaping a city’s cultural identity

30 years ago the first Ars Electronica festival took place in Linz, Austria. Ars has grown to be one of the most influential Media Art festivals and centers in the world. But while much has been written about it, and still more will be talked about its history when Ars celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2009, there has not yet been a comprehensive study about Ars Electronica’s influence on the local community and its impact on the cultural development of Linz. This paper investigates the socio-cultural, artistic and geographic traces Ars Electronica has left on the city of Linz. This Media Art historical account also details a very personal history, as the author, being four years old at the time of the first festival and amazed by its fireworks display, remembers the festival’s beginnings from her personal experience and – having worked for Ars Electronica’s Futurelab for many years – from a professional perspective as well.

The main question of this talk is how the then marginal field of art, science and technology, placed in an even more marginal, working-class and steel-producing city contributed greatly to the creation/development of a new cultural identity of the city, the art scene and the community as a whole. My investigation into the histories of this cultural institution focuses on the regional impact, regional being interpreted as geographically located/rooted as well as interpersonally built.


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RAIN – a playlist for the austrian “summer” of 2009

it is june, so supposedly summer. but not in austria. in austria, it has been raining for weeks. so last night, we collaboratively put together this list of rain-songs on facebook. the result so far is this paylist:


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random thoughts on collaboration in digital arts, collection of texts, urls, quotes,…

to take a closer look, visit: putuc.blogspot.com

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